Halloween in Summer and Christmas in the Fall

I hate it.† Itís August and Halloween decorations have been out since July.† By the time I feel like Iím ready for the Halloween spirit there wonít be any decorations left as the stores move the Halloween items Ė now 50% on sale Ė to one aisle in order to make room for Christmas.† Forget about Thanksgiving.† Those decorations get lost somewhere in between the ghosts and skeletons and the few fall-like wreaths and wilting scarecrows scattered around the spooky leftovers.† The grocery store aisles are packed with Halloween candy.† I canít buy any of the good stuff now because Iíll eat it and by the time I’m ready to buy my favorite chocolates all that will be left are the hard candies and imitation caramels.

I hate it.

I canít stand being forced to think about Halloween – my very favorite time of the year – before Labor Day.† Many kids arenít back to school.† Itís still hot during the day and the nights have yet to reveal a hint of that sweet smell of cooler days ahead.† Being raised mostly on the East coast I remember fondly McIntosh apples, bowls of candy, pumpkins you can actually keep outside because the heat wonít rot the core, and baskets of colorful mums. †While our house was always decorated with ghouls and ghosts and spooky things I never remember shopping for Halloween decorations until well into late September.

Never in July.

Iíd like to add to my already healthy Halloween stash but I simply cannot force myself to buy Halloween stuff right now. Itís depressing to see everything in the stores.† By the time Iím ready to dive into everything Halloween all Iíll be able to find are three mismatched ghost dishes and a bat missing one of its glowing red eyes.† Whatís more annoying is that Iím buying the stingy leftovers while Christmas music plays overhead.† I hate it.

Please donít force feed us the entire holiday season before August has time to shift into September.† I want to ease into Halloween, coast into Thanksgiving, and enjoy every day of December sipping latteís with a hint of peppermint while I shop for Ė Valentineís Day cards!† No!† Please stop.

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